Shelby Pecenka

Shelby Pecenka

Vet Technician

Shelby was born and raised in Illinois and graduated from Cambridge high school in 2013. From there she began her college journey at Black Hawk College East Campus (BHE), joining their Equestrian Sciences program and graduating in 2016 with two associates in applied science – one in Equine science and one in Horse Science Technology.

In 2018 Shelby decided to go back to BHE and enroll in their Veterinary Technology program – graduating in 2020 with her associates in applied science. She is now working towards her National Veterinary Technician Exam to receive her CVT/RVT.

In her spare time Shelby likes to spend time with her horse Rumor (Egyptian Arabian) and spend time with her husband Joe, friends, and family, or just cuddling up on the couch with her dogs Wrangler (Weimaraner), Blue (Weimaraner), Archie (Collie), and Whiskey (Australian Shepherd), and finding a good movie or new show to watch, and fishing on the weekends.

Shelby has a drive and passion for animals and veterinary medicine and loves to learn everything there is to learn that she can. Some of her favorite things to do as a tech is Leg wrapping and casting, Phlebotomy, and radiology.