Equine Services

Dr. Kelly Sampson provides a host of on-farm services to her equine patients:

  • Wellness exams and vaccinations
  • Power float and dental equilibration
  • Ill horse/medical work-up
  • Wound care
  • Lameness exam – including Equinosis, nerve blocks and digital X-ray
  • Joint injections

Wellness Examinations and Preventative Medicine

Dr. Sampson will perform a complete physical exam on your horse to establish a baseline of your horse’s overall health. Considering the health status of your horse, your intended activities with the horse, and his/her lifestyle, Dr. Sampson will work with you to tailor vaccination and deworming schedules, as well as discuss what nutritional plan is best suited for his/her needs.

Primary Care and Medical Cases

Medical cases will receive a complete physical examination; diagnostic bloodwork may be obtained;  and a treatment plan will be discussed. Dr. Sampson believes in including the owner in the decision-making process by explaining all options, so that informed decisions can be made to create the best treatment plan for their horse. 

Digital Radiography

We are equipped with portable digital x-ray capabilities, which Dr. Sampson may use as an additional diagnostic aid to better identify the cause of lameness in your horse. With digital direct radiography, images appear on Dr. Sampson’s computer screen immediately, ensuring that all necessary images have been taken to adequately assess your horse’s problem before leaving your farm. 

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells, harvested from the amniotic sac of newborns, can be used to regenerate damaged tissue in horses with injuries, arthritis, and navicular disease. Dr. Sampson works with Anicell Biotech to offer this service.

Dental Float and Equilibration

Dr. Sampson performs pre-anesthetic exams. She utilizes a power float to make dental malocclusion corrections, which is superior to hand floating in speed, precision, and safety. For your horse’s comfort and safety, intravenous sedation is utilized on all dental procedures. Dental extractions are also performed as needed. 

Lameness Examination

Lameness examinations are tailored to each horse on a case-by-case basis but will include some or all of the following: objective gait evaluation using Lameness Locator, hoof testing, joint flexion, nerve blocks to localize lameness, and diagnostic imaging.

Learn more about our Objective Lameness Evaluation process here.

Joint Injections

For the performance horse in need of maintenance joint injections, Dr. Sampson offers this service. Traditional hyaluronic acid and steroids can be used, but in some cases, the longer lasting synovial stimulating injection of Arthramid may be best. 

Digital Health Papers and Digital Coggins Forms

We use GlobalVetLINK for health papers and Coggins forms. The days of sketching your horse’s picture on the Coggins form are over. Dr. Sampson will take digital pictures of your horse which are then incorporated into the digital Coggins form. If your horse requires Coggins testing in subsequent years, they will not need to have their photos taken again, as they will already be in the system. Each client can create a free individual log-in to access their horse’s digital forms on-line.

So if you realize that you forgot your health papers at home only after you are already two hours into your trip, it’s no problem! All you need is a computer with internet access and you can print a new one!